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An Invitation

Dear friends,

This is an invitation to be a Faith Garden follower.  The blog is just getting started and I look forward to making regular posts.  We are here to share stories, quotes, scripture, and photos that will lift and inspire.  I invite you to come along with me to help tend to and nourish the Faith Garden to grow, give hope and enrich lives.

This is a place to come for healing and inspiration. And in a sense, we are all healing and recovering from something, some aspect of our life, along the journey.

I am putting together a roster for future notifications of posts. I will be sending notifications through Facebook, and email.

Please leave a quick note in the comments section is you wish to be notified by email and I will add you to my Mail Chimp account. Of course, you will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

I look forward to growing the Faith Garden, and I look forward to doing so with your help!

Blessings to all and Happy Independence Day!

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