This story began long ago.  In 1955 actually.  I was born and raised in “all white” neighborhoods and went to “all white” schools.  The best public schools in Nashville.

When I was in Junior High (now called Middle School) the desegregation started in Davidson County.  The school system started bussing in students from “all black” schools into our “all white” schools.

My parents made the decision to pull us out of Davidson County schools and move us into Williamson County where desegregation wasn’t happening.

My parents leased a beautiful 36 acre farm in Williamson County, rural Williamson County.  It was beautiful! I can still see it today and will forever remember the joy, peace, and love of the country that settled in my soul.

My younger brother and I rode the school bus for an hour and a half each day.  Morning and afternoon.  We would catch the bus in front of our house and then ride to an elementary school and transfer to another bus that took us into Franklin to school.

Whatever reason my parents had for moving us, I’m not quite sure. But, what I learned from it was that the color of my white skin was better than the color of a black person’s skin.  I never understood the real reason my parents moved us, but in my head I heard that I was better. In my head I heard that there was danger in their color.

I know this sounds ugly and it is ugly, and I hate it, and I have hated it for so many years.  I struggled with it for so long.  I didn’t know how to undo what I was taught.  I didn’t know how to unlearn it. But, in my heart, I knew it was so wrong.

Then God boldly stepped in and took over.  Almost four years ago He made a move. I was house hunting to down size for early retirement.  I shopped for quite a few months and finally landed on the best financial opportunity for me.  What I didn’t know; He did.  His plan was in action.

I realized the day that I moved in that I had moved into a predominantly “all black” neighborhood.  I will admit I was apprehensive at first and was homesick for my “safe” place back in Hixson.  And what I didn’t anticipate was that love grew.

“All black” became all neighbors, and all neighbors became “all family”. I have never lived in a neighborhood filled with so much love and respect and servanthood.  I am blessed beyond words.  My new best friend lives right next door and loves my kids as much as I do.  I could not ask for more.

In this judgmental world that we live in and are taught as children. Let it go.  Let it all go.  Do not miss the blessing that someone has been hiding from you and embrace the truth.  Color has no limitations when it comes to love.

I love my beautifully colored neighbors and friends.