Last week I learned of the passing of a dear childhood friend. Tonight, I find myself in my studio, my sacred place within the walls of my home.

It took a couple of days for this to settle in on me about my friend’s passing.  And the grief settled in and the hurt began.  And then I stared the “I wish’s”.

I wish I had stayed in touch.  I wish I knew more of her life and what the past 50 years have been like for her. I wish I could tell her what the past 50 years of my life have been like.  Many people call these regrets.  I call them wishes for difference.  But in my heart and soul I know God works His plan for all of us and that one day we will all meet again.

My friend and I were competitors on the softball field and friends off.  We were teammates on the All-Star Team, every year! We started first grade together and moved through Elementary (we called it Grammar) School, Middle School (we called it Junior High) and High School, until my parents moved us to another county.

These years of friendships are our most formative and vulnerable. We are easily influenced and easily persuaded. There is no way to explain the impression a childhood friend can leave on your heart. She left a great one!

I have learned 50 years of distance cannot break a childhood bond.

Rest in Peace my friend.  But something tells me you are not resting at all!

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