Hank has a small abscess between his toes on one of his front feet.  I ask him to let me see his foot and he willingly, without giving it a second thought, raises his foot for me to inspect.  Four years ago, he had no idea of that trust.

Today marks our four-year adoption anniversary. 

I don’t know and never will, the story of Hank’s first couple of years of life, but I do sense that they probably weren’t very pleasant. He was 24 hours away from being euthanized when he was rescued by East Tennessee Boxer rescue.

He knew nothing of home life. He knew nothing of protecting who he loved and loved him. He knew nothing of what a toy was. He didn’t know what a ball was. All sounds within the house were new to him, like the ice maker and my hair dryer. He cowered away from them.  It took him days to even try going up and down the stairs.  He never knew the softness of a couch or a bed.  He didn’t wag his nub of a tail for weeks.  It took time for him to realize he had a voice!  It started with a very slow growl as he was finding out the joy of playing with a toy.  Then his voice grew.  He learned to bark! He had a voice!!  He spoke and his voice was heard. For the first time in his life he realized he had purpose and so much to share. 

And together we learned…

Patience. Be still, wait, it will come. What ever it is you are waiting for, it will come.

Thunderstorms, to someone that doesn’t understand them, can be very scary.

Do not be afraid of fear. It can be overcome. And at times, a friend.

Trust is earned, and even if damaged or abused, repairable.

Sit in quiet. Be aware. God speaks often.

Peace is willful and practiced and won.

Joy is within all our reach; we just must want it.

Make noise, sing, dance, act silly. Be you!

Hugs are silent healers.

You can never get enough sunshine!

Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. The answer is there, somewhere.

Bark as loud as you can if you feel you need to.

Listen, receive, and accept the greatness of love. It is the thread that binds.

Happy Adoption anniversary my sweet boy!

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