Our – belonging to all of us

Father – a man in relation to His child.

Who – He who is ever present

Art in Heaven – a place being eternally in the presence of God

Hollowed by thy name – made Holy because of His name

Thy Kingdom come – Ruler of the Heavens move close

Thy will be done – success – to be completed. In our heart beats completeness. Your Will be done

On earth – the planet in which we live

As it is in Heaven – our coming home

Give – hand over

Us – we, the nation, the world

This day – the presence in which we live

Our daily bread – our daily provision

And forgive – letting go

Our trespasses – our intrusions on others, our mistakes, our pretenses, our lack of compassion.  The times we are too bold with only ourselves in sight.

As we forgive – pardon

Those – others

Who trespass against us – in opposition to us

And lead us – guide, walk us through this life. In the valley. On the mountain top. Be our guide with wisdom, hope, faith, and trust.

Not into temptation – the unknown

But deliver us – carry us away

From evil – wickedness

For thine – Yours

Is the Kingdom – divine place

And the Power – ability

And the glory – honor

Forever and ever – at any time and always.

Amen – so be it.

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